Nova Productions creates and produces the best TV and new media formats for Georgian media market.

Our Vision:

It is our mission to bring the new, high production value content to the Georgian viewers. We believe that Georgia is integral part of the global community and as such we must produce the best formats the world has to offer and develop local content that will serve as a forum for innovation, modernization and new ideas. Our 11 year stellar track record and production experience, across all genres of media content gives us the unique position to lead the Georgian production industry. Our aim is to be number one and the best in the Caucasus region.

Our shows


Nova Productions together with Channel 1 is launching Georgian Idol. The series will run from the beginning of January, ending on March 2nd with grand finale, which will determine the winner this year's Georgian Idol. The big news this year is that the winner of the Georgian Idol will represent Georgia at the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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